Ensemble La Danserye was created in 1998 in Calasparra (Murcia, Spain) with the aim of investigating, recreating and spreading the music and wind instruments since the end of the Middle Ages to the beginning of the Baroque, focusing in the Renaissance period.

All members have special interests in the investigation and reconstruction of wind instruments, creating his own instruments building workshop and improving their training as interpreters through different courses and master classes with prestigious teachers as Jean Tubéry, Josep Borras, Douglas Kirk, Renate Hildebrandt, Jordi Savall and Jeremy West.

They are also concerned to the world of wind bands and the role they played in the cultural world of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, developing research tasks with musicologists as Juan Ruiz Jiménez, Javier Marín López, Douglas Kirk and Michael Noone, among others. Nowadays, they focus on music performance under a historically informed perspective, combining research and interpretation in order to provide a quality musical product with maximum possible historical accuracy.

La Danserye has taken part in numerous festivals and Early music series in Spain, like the Early Music Festival of “Úbeda y Baeza”, “Festival Internacional de Música y Danza de Granada”, Early Music Festival of TianaAntica (Barcelona), Early Music Festival of Málaga, International Festival “Murcia, Tres Culturas”, Festival “Laguardia y sus épocas” (Álava), “CONSPIREMUS” Fair (Boltaña, Huesca), Early Music Festival of “Torrejón y Velasco” (Albacete), “Arundo Donax” Workshop (La Puebla de Híjar, Teruel), “Circuito Andaluz de Música”, Early Music Festival of Calasparra (Murcia), Early Music Festival “Sancti Johannis” (San Juan, Alicante), Early Music series of the Alicante University, I Early Music series of Manzanares el Real (Madrid), ECOS 0809 series, MUSICAAÉREA Festival (Madrid), XI Early Music Festival of Cáceres, Early Music Festival of Olivares, Musical Meetings in the University of Jaén, Early Music Festival of Roquetas de Mar, Auditorium-Theatre of Cuenca, “Par sons et par mots” Festival in París (France), the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague in Holland and Mexico in the temporal exposition “Medieval Spain: the Western heritage”.

Their members are committed to recovery the Spanish musical heritage through various projects like the recording "Yo te quiere matare, Wind bands in XVIth Century Granada" (Ms. 975 from the “Manuel de Falla” Library, Granada, Spain); and "Ministriles Novohispanos" with music for wind bands in the New World (Choirbook XIX from Cathedral of Puebla, Mexico) the latter published by the Spanish Society of Musicology in the collection “the Hispanic Musical Heritage”.


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